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Microservices have certainly taken the software development scene by storm over the recent years. It boasts low coupling between different components and services, supports reusability, scalability and extensibility. Many firms have begun transforming their monolithic applications into a microservice based applications. Microservices are good for intensive and complicated applications but not very good for small applications (due to overhead and over-complexity). However, it is important to know that just like monolithic architectures, there are recurrent problems when implementing a microservice architecture. Therefore, this article will explain the common problems and the design patterns associated with them. …

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In this article, I would like to discuss on various coding design principles and patterns that are not as well-known and easily missed out whenever we code. Below is a list of design principles that this articles aims to cover in specific detail.


  • Boy-Scout Principle
  • Test-First Principle
  • Law of Demeter
  • Delegation Pattern

Boy-Scout Principle (BSP)


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